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The Finished Swan!

We’re super proud to say that The Unfinished Swan is complete and as of today is available for Playstation Plus subscribers! If you’ve got PS+, you can download it a week early. The rest of PSN can download it next week on October 23rd. Between you and me, Playstation Plus is a pretty great deal.

Swan Cake!
Now you’re not allowed to make that joke any more!

12 Responses to “The Finished Swan!”

  1. Sorcerer88 Says:

    Yay, finally! Great idea on that cake 😀
    I’ve been waiting for this game for months and will check it out ASAP. From what I’ve seen, The Unfinished Swan brings another new breeze into gaming and a point for the Games as Art discussion, whatever your stance is on that. Congratulations!

  2. Mitch Concannon Says:

    Great achivement guys. Currently playing the game and enjoying it. Be putting together a review of it next week for the site. look forward to future productions from ye.

    Mitch Concannon
    Reviews Editor|

  3. red Says:

    I am an Plus member, joined Plus about 2 months ago, but there is no chance to buy your game. No cart icon, only the stupid “Join Plus” button.
    I wanted you to know that the selling numbers will propably be different, if Sony unlocks the buy option for all Plus members…
    Sure this is a PSN bug, but I’m trying this every day game since relase and .. well, I have to play Dishonored instead 😉

    Let’s hope I still free money to buy your game, when it really releases.. 😉

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It’s October 23rd and PSN still lists it as a PS+ Exclusive. What gives? Any news would be appreciated, I’ve been waiting for this one for a while.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Nevermind regarding my previous comment – was just aching to play. Now that this is out of the way, please accept my most sincere congratulations. The Unfinished Swan is fantastic. Looking forward to whatever you guys come up with next (after a well-deserved rest, obviously!)

    Thanks for all your work.

  6. Jaycee Says:

    I recently bought the game on PSN. I cried, Beautiful game! my only question is, why when you finish the game does the story book on the main menu show only the back flap? can i have the book show the front like when you first start the game? do I have to delete the game and re-download it?



  7. Vaclav Says:

    I’m really delighted of this game. But unfortunately I dont own ps3. Can I expect this game on PC platform in the future?

  8. Vankog Says:

    Are you kidding me?!
    I’ve been waiting for this game for years now and you only release it on PS?! oO

    Hey! What about the PC?!
    Via Steam Greenlight for example!


  9. Adam Radcliffe Says:

  10. Nikst Says:

    The game looks great! Love how innovative and different it is!

    Will this always be a Playstation exclusive or will you release it on PC as well, on Steam for instance?

    Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards

  11. Max Says:

    Hey all, thank you for the lovely comments and feedback. I think all the PSN problems have been sorted out at this point.

    @Adam, thanks for the review! We’re honored to be compared to games like Datura, Limbo, Journey and Okami!

    @Everyone asking about PS3 exclusivity:
    Sony owns the IP to The Unfinished Swan, and I don’t think they’ll consider a Steam or other PC release in the forseeable future. While we’d love to bring it to the PC, we surrendered the IP for a chance to make the game. A world with Swan on just PS3 is better than a world without Swan at all. 😀

  12. Geekoid Says:

    “Surrendered the IP”… sold out, more like.

    I also waited years for this game, checking constantly to see if it had been released. Now I find out it has but it’s exclusive to the PS3?

    What a bunch of damn sellouts. That’s like Black Mesa Source announcing that their newly completed mod will only be available on the Nintendo DS.

    You guys really suck, and I’m so disappointed that you’d hype everything up just to sell your asses to Sony.