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Our First Screenshot!

If you include the student version of the game, we’ve been working on The Unfinished Swan for a little over two years. And until now our most recent screenshots were from a year and a half ago when the game was shown at the Independent Games Festival.

That all ends today, my friends. Having recently passed our publisher’s First Playable Milestone we now have a very basic, totally incomplete version of the game up and running on our unnanounced downloadable platforms. Which means we can finally post some new screenshots.

Well, one screenshot. Our publisher has asked us to keep things under wraps until we’re a bit further along, but they’ve graciously allowed us to release a single screenshot from the current game. Keep in mind there’s still a lot of work to be done so everything you see is subject to change. That being said, we’re pretty excited about where things are headed. Here’s our game in its current state running (for now) at 60 frames-per-second in glorious black and white!

Get it in: 640 x 480 or 1920 x 1200

Huge thanks to all our awesome fans for your patience. Hopefully we’ll have lots more to talk about soon!

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21 Responses to “Our First Screenshot!”

  1. eagleapex Says:

    No seriously. I’m an awesome beta tester. Hook me up.

  2. ochenhorosho Says:

    While I’m disappointed that it’s not a *real* screenshot, I am glad to see that there’s a new blog update to show that progress is being made!

  3. j0hn Says:

    it is all white =S

  4. mcl Says:

    Very nice. But I see few shading bugs.
    And guys, it’s 2010 already! Can’t you turn anti-aliasing on?

  5. George Anderson Says:

    Now I have a killer Unfinished Swan desktop wallpaper. The other kids will be so jealous.

  6. Tsun Says:

    I think you forgot to shoot the paint! xD

    Anyway i’m looking forward to hear more!

  7. Tayron Says:

    now THAT’s art!

  8. sommeil Says:

    Now that’s the best screenshot ever ;D
    It’s good to see another blog entry, though. Yay for progress :3

  9. Randy Says:

    That is awesome! I have been following this game for some time, and was very excited when you said “new screenshot”, so I had to laugh when I saw it. This should have been an April fool’s joke =)

    P.S. Just throwing this out there, I am definitely interested in testing if the game goes to public/invitation only beta.

  10. J Says:

    LOLwhat? I thought my eyes are broken or smth XD

  11. Oblivious Says:

    It says black and white but all I see is white 🙁

  12. Oblivious Says:

    I feel like an idiot, I should have thought before I posted that comment…

  13. ch3burashka Says:

    I’m tearing up. Sniff.

    It’s been much too long guys – I am nearing the end of my patience. I want to play The Unfinished Swan NOW!!!!

  14. Chris Says:

    The rich detailing on the white section is absolutely sublime, and the way you managed to subtly capture such a vast amount of visual information on one screenshot is truly masterful! 😛

    Looking forward to more info, keep at it guys 🙂

  15. gleryff Says:

    Gosh, easily worth the wait and a few more years too.

  16. Paul Bellezza Says:

    I see what you did there…..

  17. S to the A Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRHHHHAAARRGGGH !!!!!!!!

  18. Dado Says:


  19. Geekoid Says:

    Well, if Valve can take 6 years to release a game, you can certainly take 6… Thanks for the dead pixel checking wallpaper… I don’t need a light in my room now if my 23″ screen’s on.

  20. shahrooz Says:

    cool Screenshot… lol

  21. Umar Says:

    As mogul khan says, “What trickery is this!”

    I hope i get to play the game soon, its one of the few games that i really cant wait to get my hands on..