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We’re Hiring!

When we started making The Unfinished Swan we thought we’d need four, maybe five people. As we figured out the game that number has grown a bit. One of our goals as a company is to keep the team as small as possible so we’ve been pretty conservative about our hiring. Today we’re at eight people and looking to add a few more. Specifically, we’re looking for a Game Designer, a Senior Programmer, and a 3D Artist. You can find all the details on our jobs page.

There’s a chance this might be the last time we ever hire anyone, for anything. Which means if you have any interest in joining our team now would be a really good time to share that interest.

We’ll be in San Francisco for GDC next week — shoot us an email if you’d like to meet up!

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4 Responses to “We’re Hiring!”

  1. theturbolemming Says:

    I know nothing about programming, but if you’re ever looking for a composer, let me know!

  2. ch3burashka Says:

    “There’s a chance this may be the last time we ever hire anyone” sounds very ominous, as if the company will be ruined if your first project isn’t a hit. I really hope that’s not the case, because the Swan shows you’ve got great ideas and the know-how to execute on them.

    I’m glad you’re updating more frequently now. Will visit at least weekly for more news. Any chance we can get an updated video? Your last one is from 3 years back, and going from older blog posts, I imagine you’ve improved your splatter tech.

  3. ch3burashka Says:

    Also, you guys should be more active in terms of promotion for your game and your studio. Places like IndieDB can help you spread the word to people who aren’t aware of, and Joystiq’s Indie Pitch is a great platform for when you’re ready to ship.

  4. Will Says:

    When I saw you were hiring I got all excited but then saw you had no need for a sound designer. Oh wells. Still mucho MUCHO excitedo about unfinished swan being finished and playable!