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As a general rule, charming and capable people of all sorts are encouraged to email us. Unless it's about internships (we don't have them, sorry!).

If any of these sound appealing, email us.


Game Designer

The Game Designer will work with Ian (our Creative Director) and Chris (our other Game Designer) to brainstorm and prototype novel game mechanics that turn our tonal/emotional goals into concrete worlds players can explore. In addition to prototyping gameplay, the Game Designer will brainstorm and build environment blockouts, working with artists to polish and perpetually tune those based on feedback from informal biweekly playtests.

We're looking for someone who:


Gameplay and Tools Programmer

As our Gameplay and Tools Programmer you'll collaborate with our designers and Tech Director to build lots of weird, blue sky prototypes. It will be your job to abstract out and implement reusable gameplay systems and tools from these prototypes and maintain them throughout production. Since we're a small team you'll also be asked to lend a hand in other parts of the codebase, particularly on the audio and the asset pipeline side.


Experience with any of these would be helpful: