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A look at some reference art for The Unfinished Swan

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Game publishing deals are nice. Unfortunately they usually prevent you from saying anything about the deal (or even acknowledging its existence) until the publisher gives permission. Not that any such deal exists for The Unfinished Swan. I’m just saying.

In any event there’s nothing to stop me from talking about some of the reference art I’ve been looking at for the game.

The first piece is an amazing black and white animation of crows and trees spreading across the screen not unlike paint oozing down a wall. When I stumbled across it the first time it was cut into a really cheesy Persian music video. Turns out it’s an ID spot for MTV’s HD channel (thanks to Rich Bologna for setting me straight). It did seem awfully polished for a cheesy Persian music video, but what can I say, I want to believe.

Moving along, we have some sort of glowing swing created by BCXSY:

And it’s a little on the nose, but I love the softness of this black and white photo of a swan by Flying Fin on flickr:

And lastly, this curious beast. It’s a map of global airline routes that manages to make dense information feel soft and beautiful: