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The Unfinished Swan is now available on PS4 and Vita!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Two years after we released The Unfinished Swan on PlayStation 3 it’s now available on two new platforms: PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita!

It’s the same game, just better. The framerate is better (it’s now 60 fps), the resolution is better (it’s now 1080p), and even the music just sounds… better.

And for anyone who bought the game when it came out originally on PlayStation 3, you can download the new versions for free. Thanks to our friends at Sony Santa Monica and Armature Studios for their fantastic work on the new version!


We’re doing a Twitch Live Stream today to talk about The Unfinished Swan

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

At 2:00 pm PST today, Tuesday October 28th, we’ll be doing a show on Twitch talking about our first game, The Unfinished Swan. You can find the Twitch stream here (or at the bottom of this post).

In addition to Q&A about the game’s development we’ll also look at some of the original prototypes, talk about what’s new for the PS4 and Vita versions that are coming out this week, and do some developer commentary while we play through the first chapter of the game. In the studio we’ll have Ian Dallas (Creative Director), Ben Esposito (Designer), Cory Davis (Artist), and Juli Frankel (the game’s narrator and Ian’s aunt).