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Giant Sparrow: 2010 – today

Giant Sparrow is still alive!

Sorry we haven’t been able to talk about the game yet and instead have been subjecting you guys to the banality of our weekly team lunch photos. In honor of your dedication we have MORE TEAM LUNCH PHOTOS. Actually, it’s a video containing every team lunch photo from 2010 – today. The result is not just a chronicle of our tiny company, but also a survey of local waitress photography skills.

We’re getting ready for a big announcement next week, so stay tuned for that!

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9 Responses to “Giant Sparrow: 2010 – today”

  1. Willi Says:


  2. Tom Says:

    Good lord, I’ve been so close to deleting the GiantSparrow RSS feed over the last year as it looked like it had died.

    Very happy to hear that there will be some (non lunch related) news next week!

  3. Paul Teall Says:

    Cool, glad to hear it! Looking forward to the announcement.

  4. Jimbo Says:

    Looking forward to seeing The Unfinished Swan on PSN.

  5. Rich S Says:

    Very excited!

  6. Chris101b Says:

    I am now insanely disappointed 🙁

    I have been following this game since it was first announced and we saw those very first gameplay demos. I was so excited to hear about this game, and when I logged onto my youtube account today and saw that there was a trailer for “Unfinished Swan” I literally squealed with excitement.

    The game looks amazing, but I do not have a PS3, which means that I will most likely never be able to play the game which I have been so eagerly waiting for. So disappointed. I really hope this doesn’t stay a PS3 exclusive.

  7. ch3burashka Says:

    Your ‘big announcement’ just got blown by IGN. Congratulations! You must’ve really impressed Sony to snag an exclusive. Hopefully you won’t stay exclusive for your own sake and the sake of gamers everywhere, but I guess you’ll cross that bridge when you get there.

    So psyched you guys aren’t dead or anything. Congrats once again, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Unfinished Swan.

  8. The Unfinished Swan sera t-il terminé pour l’E3 2012 ? - - Tout est prétexte à l amusement Says:

    […] sont 8 dans l’équipe de Giant Sparrow a nous avoir montré une démo technique en 2008 qui laissait présager du bon, du très bon même. […]

  9. sommy Says:

    I definitely agree with Chris101b.
    I’ve been following the development for so long, looking forwards to finally playing this game one day. But if it’s going to be an PS3 exclusive, I’ll most likely never be able to. Please please please release it for PC as well, I’m sure we’re not the only ones who wouldn’t be able to play. And it’s just a huge shame, considering many of us have been looking forwards to it since what… 2008? Something along the lines of that.