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Inspiration Monday #2 – A Moment in Time

Barbara Probst takes photographs that share more than a subject, the share a moment in time.

Via Booooooom: “In each series the same exact second is captured from different viewpoints. Her work questions the authority of a lone photograph by revealing several different representations of the same moment.”

Because we know they were taken at the same time, we’re invited to construct in our minds an idea of what the actual space was like. Probst gives us just enough visual cues like the presence of camera tripods, the framing of shots, and the orientation of the actors to invite the viewer to explore the greater structure of the photographs. Each series contains a puzzle that causes us to question any one perspective.

Check out more of her work here

The puzzle of perspective brings to mind the recent exploration platformer Fez, by Polytron. In Fez, like Probst’s photographs, a shift of perspective (in Fez it’s a rotation around the Y axis) reveals connections that were previously unfathomable. In Fez, you explore a 3d environment from a 2d perspective, jumping and climbing and switching perspective in order to traverse. Fez, of course, holds many more secrets.

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2 Responses to “Inspiration Monday #2 – A Moment in Time”

  1. bitbamboo Says:

    Have you ever considered the idea of focuss for puzzles?

    In the photos taken by this camera , you choose the focal point of the image once the picture is taken by selecting it, it is a blurring/unblurring effect.

    I think it can be a game mechanics as well (for instance you can play a little with at th efollowing pictures for inspiration &_suid=875 , &_suid=42, &_suid=885, &_suid=888 and &_suid=689). Considered in still images it may fit better in the Beyond/L.A Noire style but I guess that during video play it can have unsuspectfull effects for the player

    I have no idea of what the game is about so why not suggesting…

    An about the “frozen moment” there is a funny idea in the throwable ball camera:

    P.D: really willing to see your work finished, amazig trailer

  2. ch3burashka Says:

    I guess ‘Inspiration Monday’ was a tad too difficult to stick to. On a positive note, I’ve seen an explosion of Unfinished Swan coverage since your E3 (re)debut. I’m glad you guys are back on the map, albeit via proxies.

    Can’t effing wait.