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Things We’ve Added to our Office this Week

Here’s a shot of our ridiculously comfortable new couch.

Also pictured (from left to right): our newish art director Flavien, our new lead programmer Nathan, and our new producer Max.

We’re pretty much done hiring so all we have to do now is make the game. More on that shortly.

11 Responses to “Things We’ve Added to our Office this Week”

  1. allthesame Says:

    Glad to see you guys are progressing! Keep the updates coming!

  2. Alex Says:

    New screenshots please? =D

    Or at least some hints about what’s coming.

  3. Kornemuse Says:

    Can’t wait guys!!! Keep it that up!!!!!

  4. Iain Says:

    Come on……

  5. Fishcake Says:

    Sofa looks cool, however don’t get too comfortable on it, I’ve been excited about this project for so long.

  6. Ado About Something Says:

    This is worthy of a lot of attention. Negative space in a video game screams of high art… we need more games like The Unfinished Swan to come out and get some serious acclaim for the medium as an art form amongst a collegiate audience. There is serious value in what you are making here and I hope to see soon. The gameplay dynamic from ye olde teaser trailer was and is amazing. Even if you are running off an older Unreal Engine, or Source, I can see people loving this game to death. Keep on keepin on.

  7. gleryff Says:

    Goodness me! You’re still alive! awesome! good work.

  8. Mike Says:

    I completely second what Ado About Something said. It’s so great to see creativity in the art and design. The use of negative space reminds me of Eastern Art. I can’t wait until this game comes out. You guys are awesome!

  9. Artichoum Says:

    Flavien, You Rock ! 😉

  10. OMGHURRYUP Says:

    What the heck are you guys doing? Quit wasting time and get this game out soon! I’ve been wanting to play for sooooo long.

  11. Nika Says:

    This game looks so interesting! I’m reeally excited for it to be finished c’x