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Hello world!

We exist! Not much more to report beyond that yet. Hopefully we’ll have more news shortly.

43 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Iain Says:

    Hopefully you’ll go on with it smoothly…
    bless you…

  2. Ian Vidal Says:

    I look forward to your game, “The Unfinished Swan”. It looks amazing.

    I’ve also read what you were looking for in your job positions and I think Giant Sparrow will be a huge success in the gaming industry. You’re exactly what the people need. Something new, something they have never seen before, something that is so stunningly different that they can never predict what will happen or what they will see. That sort of thing keeps all gamers on the edge of their seats.

    Good luck, and I look forward to seeing what sort of amazing ideas your team will concoct.

  3. Wazuhiru Says:

    It looks amazing. And it feels amazing! Please succeed, I’ll be a fan.

  4. Lycan Says:

    🙂 I’ve seen this game on a TV trailer months ago and im anxious about its release! hehehe i think that its a quite inspiring game that will bring many new ideas to the future of gaming experience.
    Im looking forward to play it. xD
    I wish you guys good luck!

  5. Leinad Says:

    It looks amazing! I love the “weird” games, which move away from the traditional. I hope you will finish it! Can`t wait to play : )
    And greetings from germany ^^

  6. Sarda Says:

    I, too, can’t wait for a release. Any plans on giving out a beta at any point, or do you have your own testers?

  7. wille Says:

    Cool game, hope u’ll finish it soon 😀

  8. Tsun Says:

    I believe you will have a big name released one day 🙂
    and i mean REALLY big

  9. Kvba Says:

    It’s amazing. Waiting for release.

    Greets from Minsk, Belarus.

  10. Geekoid Says:

    This game is groundbreaking, and I really hope you do finish it. Whether you choose to release it for free or sell it, you’ll have my support either way.

    I hope you can complete this game soon, as I’m pretty desperate to get my hands on it!

    I’ll check back regularly for any updates, and thanks for your efforts.

  11. PTTG Says:

    I’ve been following your project for a while, and I can’t wait to give US a spin! I hope to hear more about the project!

  12. That Person Says:

    Dude… i just saw this game while looking around for stuff on SR2 on youtube… It looks amazing! can’t wait til it comes out! whan it does come out tho.. will it be bought / downloaded through your website or will it be bought at stores?

    P.S. when do you think it will come out because this is a very intriguing game concept!

  13. Gio Says:

    How about an iPhone version? it will be a great game because it has few controls.
    go on, great works!

  14. illuminating darkness Says:

    the game looks sweet. i read about it in OXM offical xbox magazine. it looks like its gonna be a really cool game. lookin forward to it. 😀

  15. Gekko Says:

    UHHH !! I will play it ^^

  16. Ben Says:

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Learned about this last year, but back then I had no website, just the tech demo.

    Greets from Ubi !

  17. Falgnar Says:

    The Unfinished Swan looks absolutely amazing. I’d love to be able to play it. The messages on the walls and floors, the mysterious nature of it, and the unique play style are all very appealing.

  18. Dargonator Says:

    this will be a great game to play while im high

  19. theturbolemming Says:

    Man, I’ve been watching this game for probably about a year now… Can’t wait… Give us more!

  20. Allison Says:

    Congrats on existing! 🙂 We’d love to review and feature your game on Binge Gamer, so feel free to contact me as you get closer to release.

  21. Abel Says:

    the game looks amazing, and i can’t wait for the release. i know it may take a while, but any idea on when that might be? really looking forward to this one. Greetings from Rotterdam 🙂

  22. LOPER Says:

    please please ….finish or at least give some more info. cant wait , can you tell. thanks for all the hard work.

  23. Brett Says:

    Stumbled across this by mere chance and had to come here to let you know what a genius idea you have on your hands. I’m nowhere near an avid gamer, but am a huge fan of minimalist visual art. This has the potential to be an absolute masterpiece.

    FWIW, I think a “house of mirrors” concept incorporated somewhere into the concept would be just pure madness!

    Best of luck on your project. This reeks of a huge success.

  24. RestlessDreamer Says:

    Thank You for this game – we belive in You, believe in “The Unfinished Swan” and wait a miracle on our monitors… I’m really sorry for my bad English…

  25. BrOw Says:

    Saw the unfinished Swan on the co-op podcast on the revision 3 website and was mightyly impressed. Very interesting concept and really looks like you guys have thought out of the box on ths one.

    Keeps up the good work and let me know when there is a demo available as I am vey eager to have a go at this game

  26. Tim AKA Elite T Says:

    Hey man, I am really looking forward to this game! I wish you good luck and when it comes out on XBLA i will certainly download it.

    Awesome game!

  27. Johannes G. Says:

    I demand more blogging of your progress! 😀

  28. Mary Schenck-Ross Says:

    Fantastic! This will keep up at night smiling!

    Can’t wait!

  29. Emriss Says:

    That trailer was incredible. Nice use of reverse psychology, there…

    Part of World: Don’t Be Afraid


    I must say, where you really snagged me was at the bit where Player entered a black world with white paint. If you add some metaphysical depth to what is already an incredible visual/gameplay concept, I will gladly hold you up next to my current game idols (Portal, and The Path).

  30. David Says:

    Just saw your game on the CO-OP indie special podcast. It looks amazing — I’m very excited. Can’t wait for more news. Feel free to send me a pre-release copy for play testing. 🙂

  31. Chimeray Says:

    Hi there, I just saw the GDC 2009 video where Unfinished Swan was shown and I very much like the approach, like no puzzels and stuff, like the experience in a child book. Just wander around and explore without getting bored. Very cool concept!
    I like games where you have to explore the world but like every game is now, like Oblivion or something, you start it up… Wander around a bit and you pretty much saw everything, There’s nothing to wonder about no more and you probably saw it from miles away anyways, just so anticlimatic…

    It’s an awsome idea to have a blank world at start, instead of just showing you the big picture from the start. You can keep the climax going on here. And you’re in control wether what of the world you want to reveal.
    In Unfinished Swan you can discover something that was there all along, right before your feet!

    It’s got lots of potential so keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to seeing this game around some day 🙂
    Good luck and update the dev diary (blog?) once in a while.

  32. Harp00n Says:

    if u need beta tester.

    im ur maaaan 😀

    gogo it looks great
    but dont do it like duke nukem forever, ok?

    i wanna play it in a few months not years 😉

  33. Maik Says:

    Looking forward to it a few months now… We would like to present it on our page…

  34. James Says:

    Heard about this game on TRS. Looks amazing, cant wait to try it.

  35. aymeric Says:

    i want a space time machine , i want to play at this game . this game it’s just AWESOME

  36. PTTG Says:

    So, two months in, what have we posted then…
    [reads, or rather, doesn’t find anything new to read]
    Well, looked nice, too bad it’s dead now.

  37. Arcca Says:

    This will definitely be very great game…
    I’m really looking forward to get it…
    Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Malpils, Latvia. 😉

  38. Ina Says:

    Excited – and applied as art director! o.o

  39. QA Says:

    Sorry for my primitive english.

    I’m QA engineer, senior Delphi developer, young C++ developer and freedom/crystal mind in one 🙂 I can help you on a first request. It’s really good project, please, release it!

  40. Savannah Says:

    I am very impressed with the ideas and the dream like feel to this. Its like a subconscious awakening to those who are locked in the daily buzz of daily life. Keep up the good work I can’t wait to see what comes out of this.
    Good luck!

  41. Eelco Says:

    Beautiful looking game, can’t wait to play it. Any word on the platforms it will run on?

  42. fate Says:

    waiting to see this release

  43. Chris Johnson Says:

    saw your game through a Gamespot indie spotlight done a while back – is this game still coming out?
    it looks totally great! i run an indie game union over at gamespot and while not a professional or employed there, i do track and review a ton of indie games – i’d love to get my hands on yours!!!