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Where has The Unfinished Swan been?

The Unfinished Swan is almost ready go, and we’re all super excited. I just wanted to do a quick recap of where the game has traveled along the way.

The Unfinished Swan - Map
Click it to check out the sweet map I made (those are swan footprints stomping across the world).

Tokyo, Japan
Sense of Wonder Night 2009 – Ian brought the game here and got the attention of Sony
Tokyo Game Show 2012 -Mostly final version of the game was playable on the show floor, we hear it got pretty crowded!

Austin, Texas
Unfinished Swan at Fantastic Arcade
Fantastic Arcade 2012 – We got to show the game a few days ago at Fantastic Arcade, as part of Fantastic Fest.. hopefully we can be there in person to hang out next time!
picture by Harvey Smith, thanks!

Cologne, Germany
Gamescom 2012 – Where we released a new trailer

San Diego, California
Comic Con 2012 – In which we hosted a panel discussion about the art of The Unfinished Swan. Hokyo is a major celebrity. Watch the panel here.

Seattle, Washington
Indiecade 2009 – Where Ian let people play the prototype
PAX Prime 2012 – Where we handed out a million t-shirts!

New York, New York
Sony Press Event 2012 – Complete with hot hot nyc subways

Los Angeles, California
TUS at E3
E3 2012 – Was surprisingly pleasant. People were really receptive to the ideas in our game. There’s hope for the future! Also Miyamoto played the game (he said it was cool).

Paris, France
Joue le Jeu at La Gaîté Lyrique 2012 – So we could say that we showed our work at a gallery in Paris. No big deal.

San Francisco, California
IGF 2009 – The Unfinished Swan was nominated in the student category

There are so many countries we have yet to visit; hopefully we’ll be able to spread the love in the future. I’m looking at you, Canada. And you, Australia!

Until next time,

2 Responses to “Where has The Unfinished Swan been?”

  1. Rob Says:

    Koln and Paris but not London?

    You realise that, with the new underwater train thing, you can be in London from Paris in less than 3 hours?

    This is just racism. Or laziness. But probably racism.

    Good luck with the game, gentlefolk… love the concept.

  2. Kimmy Says:

    Miyamoto-san?! Is he the CEO of Nintendo?! 凄いですね!!