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Unfinished Swan Reviewed in the 6th Grade Times

Every once in a while, we get some amazing fan mail. This one happens to be a review of The Unfinished Swan, published in Pleasant Hill Middle School’s newspaper “The 6th Grade Times”. December C. gives you some tips about playing the game, and reminds you of the most important rule of all… have fun.

December also brings up a very important point: the sea monster is always watching you… waiting…


3 Responses to “Unfinished Swan Reviewed in the 6th Grade Times”

  1. Nikst Says:


    Tried to google the question but couldnt find an answer. Will The Unfinished Swan come out as a retail version in a slipcase and all? Maybe a collectors edition? I prefer to have a physical copy =)

    Best regards,

  2. iandallas Says:

    No plans for a physical version as of yet, but feel free to email Sony to ask for one 🙂

  3. alex Says:

    i’ve been waiting since the very first post for this game a few years ago, and now it’s exclusive to sony? F* SELLOUTS!