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A look at some reference art for The Unfinished Swan

Game publishing deals are nice. Unfortunately they usually prevent you from saying anything about the deal (or even acknowledging its existence) until the publisher gives permission. Not that any such deal exists for The Unfinished Swan. I’m just saying.

In any event there’s nothing to stop me from talking about some of the reference art I’ve been looking at for the game.

The first piece is an amazing black and white animation of crows and trees spreading across the screen not unlike paint oozing down a wall. When I stumbled across it the first time it was cut into a really cheesy Persian music video. Turns out it’s an ID spot for MTV’s HD channel (thanks to Rich Bologna for setting me straight). It did seem awfully polished for a cheesy Persian music video, but what can I say, I want to believe.

Moving along, we have some sort of glowing swing created by BCXSY:

And it’s a little on the nose, but I love the softness of this black and white photo of a swan by Flying Fin on flickr:

And lastly, this curious beast. It’s a map of global airline routes that manages to make dense information feel soft and beautiful:

20 Responses to “A look at some reference art for The Unfinished Swan”

  1. BMW787 Says:

    It’s nice to see you guys posting. Hope to hear more!!!

  2. Chris Hoffmann Says:

    Please get going with this game! I am so looking forward to it! And please post more 🙂

  3. theturbolemming Says:

    Seconded. Here’s to more.

  4. robotgraves Says:

    i really like that glowing swing. its very swan-esqu. i want to turn more everyday objects into soft glowing lights. like doorknobs. or any liquid inside a bottle.

  5. KoRnemuse Says:

    Nice art man! we know you’re working hard on your project.
    Go on we’ll support you!

  6. Ben Carlson Says:

    Pretty sweet inspiration, hope it’s inspiring enough to keep crackin’ at this game! =)

  7. Iain Says:

    Again^_^but a bit late this time……
    Come on guys……
    I’m awaiting your game!

  8. Matt Says:

    wow, looks awesome.
    But I want it now!
    can you at least release a demo?
    anyway, i will wait with patience

  9. J Money Says:

    I have been following you guys for a while. Your game looks incredibly interesting. I love the concept. I can’t wait for it to come to fruition. Looks like a great title for the Wii if you ask me.

  10. RunTimeErrorBoy Says:

    I am still really excited about your game. The problem with small game publishing companies is they set such low expectations for themselves, and this is not the direction I see for this game.

    A couple of quick questions so I can promote it on my blog.

    1)Do you intend to produce some form of SDK so user created additions to the game are possible?

    2)Have you begun developing a story line or have story boards or any other media that could perhaps give some clues?

    3)The first thought that comes to my mind is murder mystery, and horror when I view the concept are for this game. Is this an intentional message? I would say I anticipate mystery more then horror because of the revealing nature of the “paint”.

    This is more of a comment then a question. Make secret areas!!! As many as possible. The most classic games are the ones that are not completely told the first time through accept by perhaps some of the best gamers. Secret rooms with extra clues or background story is what gets me off on FPS video games, hah. The end isn’t the goal in a video game it’s the means by which you achieve it!

  11. Shawn Says:

    Hey Ian,
    Nice finds. That crow video is incredible.

  12. gustav Says:

    Fourthed. Would like to see much more from you guys though. Props to Ian Dallas as well for originally posting about the game. Waiting very patiently for more details. Cant Wait! Good video and postings btw.

  13. Alex P. Says:

    Hey, judging from the job descriptions (that piece about “creating creatures and worlds no one has ever seen”), you’re up to something BIG!!!
    Well, good luck!

  14. Gamer Says:

    I must say after hearing about The Unfinished Swan and looking at the tech demo video I am very impressed with the unique concept (painting the solid-colored world to navigate). I wish you the best and hope to play the game in the near future 🙂

  15. Chris Says:

    I’ve been checking back on this page for what seems like to be a year now to see what’s been happening 🙂 I cannot wait for this to be completed. Good luck on its creation.

  16. todd Says:

    i’ve been checking this site for a really long time, and you guys don’t ever post anything new. it’s kind of annoying. you have so many followers waiting to see what you have to say. i hope there’s some reason for it. but you definitely could give us more to look at. even little tiny tidbits of information help. or atleast just let us know that this thing is still being made! any information would be useful.

  17. Nico Says:

    Yo brother, please. I have like a year waiting for that game, finish it!!! please please release it. 🙂

  18. robert Says:

    what gives? is the unfinished swan a go or what?

  19. Iron Says:

    I’ve been checking this site since I first heard about it. With nothing new since May, I’m giving up. By the time this gets released, it will be nothing new. Good luck…

    Could have been something special but with not even the smallest tidbit of information means this thing is dead. Even the most controlling publishers will let a little bit of information out sometime to keep the interest.

    Chock this one up with Duke Nuke’em Forever.

  20. yoyo Says:

    Hello? Anyone there? Is this coming out or what?