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We took a trip up to Descanso Gardens in February of this year. Why a botanical garden? Well in their own words, this is what Descanso Gardens has to offer:

“Descanso Gardens is an urban retreat of year-round natural beauty, internationally renowned botanical collections and spectacular seasonal horticultural displays. In 1953, Descanso founder E. Manchester Boddy preserved these 150 acres of gardens, woodlands and chaparral for future generations to experience the natural heritage and beauty of Southern California.”

If you’re not pumped about 150 acres of gardens, woodlands, and chaparral, your childhood is missing a little piece of magic by one Mr. Chris Van Allsburg:

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi

The gardens themselves are just out of Los Angeles proper, and are a good place to spend a relaxing afternoon walking around, feeding koi, maybe dozing, or just getting your look-at-a-plant on.

Wander around for a bit, and you’ll find yourself pleasantly lost. Each path has its own charms worth exploring, and the closer you look, the more paths there seem to be. Also, there are ducks.


Flavien took photos of the trip, so now you too can get your looking-at-plants on, internet style:

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10 Responses to “Descanso Gardens”

  1. Geekoid Says:

    Any progress on The Unfinished Swan?

  2. PTTG Says:

    Woah, you guys are alive!!!

    Tell us about Unfinished Swan!

  3. Geekoid Says:

    Well, it appears that some students created a rather wonderful paint game. If the source to this was released, I think you guys might have a problem!

    I think one day someone might just beat you to the punch if you’re not able to get it going.

  4. chris hoffmann Says:

    Common guys, pleeaase get The unfinished swan out! Or let Valve buy you and make this into Portal 3 😉

  5. Geekoid Says:

    Yes, please do… I come here at least twice a month to see if you have gotten anywhere yet. Can you give us an update please?

  6. Dinnye92 Says:

    Any update for us as a Christmas present? :3 Please! We haven’t forgot about you yet!

  7. SourCandy Says:

    Geekoid is right!

    Take a look at this:

  8. CD Says:

    That’s nice. Now finish the game please.

  9. Geekoid Says:

    It looks like these guys have missed the boat. Thanks for the video, SourCandy. There are two people who are creating games based on this idea, because Fat Sparrow can’t get off their butts and make it work.

    Ah well, I’m going to remove this site from my bookmarks and follow the other two projects. This is going nowhere fast.

  10. Geekoid Says:

    Oh, and one last thing, if you’re a coder, this person has created a prototype and released the source code of a concept based off this idea: