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The Unfinished Swan Dev Diary: Original Music & Sound / 10 Things to Know about the Game / A Profile of Ian Dallas, Creative Director / Indiecade Pix

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

We’re t-minus 13 days until everyone can download and play The Unfinished Swan, and we’ve got 4 pieces of news for you today:

First up, Sony’s posted another excellent developer diary for The Unfinished Swan. This one is about the music in the game, and it features composure Joel Corelitz talking about how he breathed life into the musical world of Swan. Joel works under the name waveplant, and you can find more of his work at

Second, Ben wrote another post for the PlayStation Blog called “The Unfinished Swan: 10 Things You Need to Know,” it’s got some surprises and nifty details (but no spoilers).

Third, Ian was profiled by Evan Shamoon for Polygon in this article: Whitespace: The man behind ‘The Unfinished Swan’

Fourth and finally, we’ve thrown up some pictures of our Indiecade trip on Imgur, check out the album and see which splats we gave away. Also the luscious hair portrait I got with John Romero.