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Love & Friendship at PAX

Woah, PAX Prime was somethin’ else. PAX feels different than most shows, it feels full… of love. I saw people from the internet meeting for the first time. Hugs. Fifth Element cosplay. Twilight Zone pinball. Chalk it up to the affordable tickets & focus on fan events (plus free board game rentals!). That aside, we’re super thankful for everyone who came by to say hi and try The Unfinished Swan.

Friendship Mode
While demoing the game, we had some pairs of players who saw that the game has both Move & Dualshock controls and asked to play together. With that, the [totally 100% unsupported by Giant Sparrow] “Friendship Mode” was born:
Friendship mode

Of course, seeing pairs play together inspired others to try it, and while it did require some top notch communication skills (who gets to control the camera?), it seemed like a nice way to share the experience. Also we gave out all 500 Unfinished Swan T-Shirts!

‘Till Next Time
I’d definitely like to shorten the floor demo a little bit to provide a good stopping point for less experienced players & to give more players a chance to play (we got swamped on the second day). Bringing one or two more staff would be nice too — interacting with fans turned out to be the most rewarding. I’d also bring an alternate giveaway in addition to t-shirts, since we inevitably ran out of certain sizes. I’m thinking pins maybe? Is there any swag that is more universal?

I also got the chance to check out a few other rad games at the show including Antichamber, Guacamelee, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Hotline Miami, Super Time Force, and more.
If you couldn’t make it to PAX, we’ll let you know where we’ll be showing The Unfinished Swan next (as soon as we figure it out..)

<3 Ben

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